Umbilical Stem Cells

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Umbilical Chord Stem Cells

China's Stride In Umbicial Chord Stem Cell Treatments

Umbilical chord stem cell research continues to soar ahead, although many setbacks have limited its research in the United States in recent years. Other countries have seen the benefit of this research in recent years and have started making strides in the race for cures using cord blood stem cells.

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One leader among the field is China. China works to find cures to many diseases and disorders that populate the world. Because of the strides that are being made, families from all over the world travel to China for treatment with their banked umbilical cord blood. Recently families from the United States began traveling to China. China has also built a leading laboratory and storage facility for umbilical cord blood.

China has seen improvements in many disorders through the cord blood stem cell treatment programs. A recent study within China's research is finding that human umbilical mesenchymal stems cells, which are harvested from the umbilical cord as well, could show promise in the future to heal spinal cord injuries.

China's research of this matter has also found some promise of curing Multiple Sclerosis or even Parkinson's Disease. There has been one recent patient in Canada who who was cured of Multiple Sclerosis after suffering for two years. The process can be long and take many treatments with the harvested blood. But there are many promises of hope for those who are searching for a cure.

These treatments continue to be controversial in the United States for ethical reasons due to the issue of embryonic stem cells and their use within stem cell research. The embryos die as a result of any testing or research.  But due to changes within the government in the United States, the policies regarding the umbilical chord stem cell research has loosened.

Umbilical chord stem cells are harvested from the blood found in the umbilical cord after a child's birth. These blood cells are vibrant and a perfect source of unaltered stem cells that match the DNA of a living person. Therefore, they have found to be more successful in healing particular diseases that attack immune systems and other body functions.

These studies and research are astounding and life-altering for those who have the benefit of using banked umbilical cord blood for such cures. However, finding the proper health facility to complete the treatments can be costly. But China currently holds the keys that are healing children and adults from what were thought to be incurable aliments.

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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Benefits

By Tim J Johnson
Umbilical cord blood banking can be affordable. Companies that offer this type of service typically offer financing to parents who want to have umbilical cord blood banking done. There is an initial fee and every year there are storage fees to hold the blood in storage long term.

Stem Cells - A Primer For Us All - Part 3

By Larry Rivkin
We now look at some case studies briefly to illustrate how stem cell therapy may give a person a better Quality of Life. Also included are some tips on how to make the treatment work to a person's advantage.

New Stem Cell Treatment Gives Spinal Cord Injury Patient Hope

By Don Margolis
Rickey Turner, an ex-police officer from Texas, who was paralyzed in a horrible car accident, is improving since going to China to receive Adult Stem Cell therapy to treat his Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). After his car accident in 2006, Rickey was not only paralyzed, but suffered from the nerve injuries that caused him to feel a sharp pain every time he touched his middle finger and index finger on his left hand. For 2 years, Rickey thought there was no hope for improvement.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

By Poonam Pandey
Cerebral palsy is one of those diseases which have been incurable since ages but now this chronic disease is curable. In case your child is a prey to this disease then stem cell therapy is there for your child's help. It is really heart breaking to see a child unable to walk, unable to move like ordinary children, even in some cases unable to talk or eat due to disorder known as cerebral palsy.

3 Reasons to Donate Umbilical Cord Blood to Public Bank

By Stefani Padilla
A baby's cord blood, or the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta after delivery used to be discarded after birth. However, this blood is typically rich in stem cells, which can currently be used to treat many diseases. Although some forms of stem cell collections are controversial, since collecting stem cells from the umbilical cord is safe, painless, and derived from the normal birthing process, so it is as non-controversial as donating blood, and just as potentially lifesaving.

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