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Banking Cord Blood - Will I Benefit From It?

By Christina Hope
Banking cord blood is an important decision parents have to make that affects the health of their children. They must determine whether banking their child's cord blood is worth the costs to ensure their health against potential life threatening diseases.

The Risk Of Acquiring Autologous Stem Cell Graft

By Wayne Channon
According to recent research, the risk of acquiring autologous stem cell graft is "Fewer than 1 in 2500."

Stem Cell Therapy

By Madalyn Ward, DVM
Stem cells in general and several approaches to stem cell therapy are discussed. All therapies are both legal and simple. A new nutritional product, Stemplex, is also discussed. Read the full article to learn more...

Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries: The New Frontier

By Nick Rogerson
This article discusses how stem cell treatments are enabling sufferers of spinal cord injuries to overcome their condition. The article will go over how sufferers of spinal cord injuries can receive treatment, what sorts of results have been obtained so far and where the treatment is currently being provided. Ultimately, it will argue in favour of the use of stem cell treatments for spinal cord injuries.

Umbilical Stem Cells | Stem Cell Parkinson's | Baby's Cord Blood | Cryocell Cord Blood | Umbilical Chord Stem Cells | Cbr Cord Blood Registry